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  1. Right Amygdala Volume Predicts Future PTSD Severity in Preadolescent Children Exposed to Trauma

    Sattvik Basarkod, Charis N. Wiltshire, William M. Davie, John M. France, Sterling Winter, Sophie A. George, & Tanja Jovanovic

  2. Effects of Intravenous Ketamine Infusion on Neuroinflammation Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Sprague-Dawley Rats

    Rina Y. Berman, Martin Boese, Haley F. Spencer, Kennett D. Radford, & Kwang H. Choi

  3. Microglia-Mediated Neuroimmune Suppression in PTSD Is Associated with Anhedonia

    Robin Bonomi, Ansel T. Hillmer, Eric Woodcock, Shivani Bhatt, Gustavo A. Angarita, Richard E. Carson, Margaret T. Davis, Irina Esterlis, Nabeel Nabulsi, Yiyun Huang, John H. Krystal, Robert H. Pietrzak, & Kelly P. Cosgrove

  4. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Mortuary Affairs Soldiers 2006–2018

    Nur M. Bookwala, Sonia Warrior, Quinn M. Biggs, MSgt Jessica Moore, Carol S. Fullerton, Leming Wang, & Robert J. Ursano

  5. Alterations in Electrocardiogram Waveform Following Incubation of Fear in Rats

    Maria Campanile, Kaitlin Castell, Mumeko C. Tsuda, Irwin Lucki, & Caroline A. Browne

  6. MDMA-AT, PTSD, & Comorbid OCD: A Systematic Review of the Potential Effects of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine-Assisted Therapy for PTSD on Comorbid OCD

    Uma R. Chatterjee

  7. Subjective Cognitive Complaints, Neuropsychological Performance, and Suicidal Behavior Risk in PTSD

    Mary Catherine Clark, John G. Keilp, Marianne Gorlyn, Ainsley K. Burke, & J. John Mann

  8. The Associations of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Family Composition with Firearm Ownership and Unsafe Firearm Storage Practices Among Military and Veteran Servicemembers

    Stephen J. Cozza, Christin M. Ogle, Joscelyn E. Fisher, Jing Zhou, Tasanee R. Walsh, Rafael F. Zuleta, Catherine L. Dempsey, James C. West, Carol S. Fullerton, & Robert J. Ursano

  9. Neuroinflammatory and Behavioral Consequences of Shockwave-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice

    Krista DiSano, Kathryn Bates, Gregory Elder, Bertrand Huber, V. Sujith Sajja, Francesca Gilli, James Leiter, William Donnelly, Pablo Martinez-Camblor, Joshua Aronson, Wilder Doucette, Paul Holtzheimer, & Crystal Noller

  10. 2-Month Transcutaneous Auricular Vagal Nerve Stimulation (taVNS) in PTSD (Pilot Study): Significant Reduction in CAPS-5 and Quality of Life Scores

    Marcus D. Elliot

  11. Relationships Between Adult Bullying Behaviors and Suicide Risk: Results from a Psychological Autopsy Study of U.S. Army Servicemembers

    Sama W. Elmahdy, Luke L. Sumberg, Katy Haller, Catherine L. Dempsey, David M. Benedek, Jingning Ao, Matthew W. Georg, Pablo A. Aliaga, Kelly L. Zuromski, Matthew K. Nock, Steven G. Heeringa, Ronald C. Kessler, Murray B. Stein, & Robert J. Ursano

  12. Avoidant Coping and Supportive Coping Differentiate Patterns of Comorbidity in Groups in 9/11-Bereaved Fifteen Years after 9/11

    Joscelyn E. Fisher, Christin M. Ogle, Jing Zhou, Tasanee R. Walsh, Mary Fetchet, Rafael F. Zuleta, Carol S. Fullerton, Robert J. Ursano, & Stephen J. Cozza

  13. Metabolomics Alterations in Acute Stress Disorder: Neurotransmitters, Energy, and Inflammation Related Small Biomolecules Associated with Acute Stress

    Nicholas C. Gary, Burook Misganaw, Rasha Hammamieh, & Aarti Guatam

  14. Food Insecurity in the U.S.: Implications for Military Families

    Shira Godin, Alexander Rice, James McCarroll, Tasanee Walsh, & Stephen J. Cozza

  15. Brave Faces, Hidden Fears: Intolerance of Uncertainty Predicts Startle Response in Trauma-Exposed Teens

    Leah Gowatch, Amanpreet Bhogal, Jennifer Losiowski, Alexandra Ehrhardt, Faiza Bakth, Sneha Bhargava, Bilal Elhasan, Emily Crisan, Samantha Ely, Carmen Carpenter, MacKenna Shampine, Reem Tamimi, Emilie-Clare O’Mara, Clara Zundel, Mubeena Hanif, Tanja Jovanovic, Hannah Schacter, & Hilary Marusak

  16. The Novel Involvement of PTSD-Associated FKBP5 in Protein Networks and Signaling Pathways

    Xian-Zhang Hu, Lei Zhang, Xiao Xia Li, David M. Benedek, Biomarker Study Group, & Robert J. Ursano

  17. Repetitive Subconcussions Impact Executive Functioning: Evidence from ERP and Cognitive Motor Performance

    Elizabeth M. Kerman & Paul D. Kieffaber

  18. The Role of Central Amygdala GABAergic Input to the Parabrachial Nucleus in Food Intake

    Danielle S. Lafferty, Jeremiah Isaac, & Andrew Lutas

  19. Child Protective Actions in Response to Specific Types of Child Neglect

    Christin M. Ogle, Joscelyn E. Fisher, Jing Zhou, Tasanee Walsh, Steven P. Nemcek, Rafael F. Zuleta, Carol S. Fullerton, Robert J. Ursano, & Stephen J. Cozza

  20. The Impact of Handling Qualities on Psychomotor Performance and Operational Stress in a Compensatory Tracking Task

    Kyle F. Pietro, Hyuk Oh, Alexandra A. Shaver, Rodolphe J. Gentili, Roberto Celi, & Bradley D. Hatfield

  21. Lighting and Mental Health: Insights from Recent Sleep and Circadian Studies

    Sebastian M.M. Preilipper, Sara C. Bessman, Alexandra P. Easterling, Elizabeth M. Harrison, & Gena L. Glickman

  22. Prefrontal Metabolite Alterations in Individuals with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A 7T Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study

    Meredith A. Reid, Sarah E. Whiteman, Abigail A. Camden, Stephanie M. Jeffirs, & Frank W. Weathers

  23. An Investigation of Psychological and Neurobiological Factors Influencing the Ideation or Usage of a Violent Suicide Method in Depression Patients

    Carlos S. Rodriguez, Steven J. Lamontagne, Laura R. Waldman, Jessica R. Gilbert, Carlos A. Zarate Jr., Elizabeth D. Ballard, & Mark D. Kvarta

  24. RECONsolidation of Traumatic memories to ResOLve Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (RECONTROL): Preliminary Results

    Michael J. Roy, Paula G. Bellini, Annabel Lee Raboy, Patricia T. Spangler, Deborah Probe, AdaKerri E. Dunbar, Catherine L. Dempsey, & Richard M. Gray

  25. An Animal Behavioral Model for Assessing Arousal and Anxiety States: Implications for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Hannah C. Smith, Zhe Yu, Patrick Yagizi, Benjamin Turley, Adam Swiercz, Jeanie Park, & Paul J. Marvar

  26. Stress Biomarkers and In-Session Exposure to Nightmare Content: Results from a Pilot Trial of Nightmare Deconstruction of Reprocessing

    Patricia T. Spangler, James C. West, Catherine L. Dempsey, David M. Benedek, Jessica Gill, Xianzhang Hu, Rebecca Kwasinski, Brent Winslow, & Lei Zhang

  27. The Neurochemical and Anatomical Profile of Resilience

    Gabriel Vargas & Mary C. Vance

  28. A Feasibility Trial to Assess a New Yoga Program to Enhance Quality of Life and Well-Being Among Hispanic Women at Risk for or Living with Type 2 Diabetes

    Maricarmen Vizcaino & Dorothy D. Sears

  29. Joint Influence of Attachment Styles and Social Support Network on Lifetime Suicidal Behaviors

    Jing Wang, James A. Naifeh, Holly B. Herberman Mash, Jeffrey Thomas, Joshua C. Morganstein, Carol S. Fullerton, Stephen J. Cozza, Murray B. Stein, & Robert J. Ursano

  30. Identification of a Locus Coeruleus-Amygdala Angiotensinergic Circuit: Implications for Stress-Related Cardiovascular Diseases

    Zhe Yu & Paul J. Marvar