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Small Group Discussion

Small Group Discussions will take place beginning at 0800-0900 in the Small Dining Room during the Breakfast/Registration hour. The topics and speakers are as follows:

  • Dr/LTC David Benedek: Brain banking initiatives for PTSD Studies.
  • Dr He Li: 5-HT2A Receptor-Mediated Facilitation of GABA Release in the Amygdala and traumatic stress.
  • Drs. Connie Duncan & Frances Gabbay: Electrophysiological and neurocognitive measures & PTSD.
  • COL Bruce Schoneboom: PTSD/TBI on wounded veterans.
  • Dr. Maria Braga: Mechanisms Regulating Inhibition in the Amygdala.
  • Dr. Lei Zhang: Biomarkers for PTSD.