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Fear, Anxiety and PTSD

29 April 2008
Uniformed Services University

  •  "Mechanism of Lasting Change in Anxiety Produced by Severe Stress in Animals"
    Robert Adamec PhD - Memorial Univ - Canada
  • "Role of NMDA Receptors in Fear Extinction:  Implications for PTSD Therapy"
    Michael Davis PhD - Emory University, GA
  • "Neurotrophic Actions of Stress and Antidepressant Treatment"
    Ron Duman PhD - Yale University, CT
  • "Amygdala, Stress, and the Pathophysiology of Psychiatric Disorders"
    Anthony Grace PhD - University of Pittsburgh, PA
  • "Different Effects of Early Exposure and Cognitive Therapies on Fear and Avoidance"
    Arieh Shalev MD - Hadassah University, Israel
  • "The Ontogeny of Fear and Amygdala"
    Regina Sullivan PhD - University of Oklahoma, Ok